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Pressure Washing Company Names

Use these pressure washing company names to help you pick the best name for your pressure washing business. These will guarantee you choose the best name. Here’s what you need to know.

Approach To Pressure Washing Business Names

Our approach for picking the best name for your pressure washing business is to select names from the best naming categories. This is important to ensure you pick the best name that fits your purpose. Here are the best naming categories.

  • Names With A Benefit (names that share a benefit e.g., “Clean House Pressure Washing, LLC”)
  • SEO Names (to help a business rank in the search engines, based purely on high ranking keywords)
  • Locality Names (tied to a specific location only)
  • Memorable Names (names that are catchy)
  • Self-Branded Names (local influencers, hometown folks never leaving their location)
  • Professional Names (purpose is to name your business with a professional intent)
  • Related Industry Names (names related to pressure washing, e.g., to do with water, sunshine, outdoors, etc. Business to business related names)

Benefit Names

Benefit Names provide a reason to do business with your business. It makes people take action (e.g., contact your business).

Here are some examples of benefit names:

  • Quick Power Washing
  • Blast Pressure Washing
  • Clean House Pressure Washing
  • No Problem Power Washing
  • No Hassle Pressure Washing
  • Good Results
  • Total Clean Power Washing
  • Simple Clean Power Washing

SEO Names

SEO Names help you rank on the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.). People go online to find you. To find you they use search engines.

Here are some examples of SEO names:

  • Pressure Washing Florida
  • Pro Pressure Washing Richmond
  • Final Rinse Pressure Washing Chicago
  • Pressure Washing Illinois
  • Arch Pressure Wash St. Louis

Important Note: Find high ranking keywords to name your business using SEO tools. You can also hire this out to sites like Best Backlink Service or Babble Agency.

Locality Names

Locality Names include cities, states, area codes, and area specific identifiers defining your business location (area of service). Choose locality names to let people know where you are. Locality names create trust and a sense of permanence in a given location.

Here are some examples of locality names:

  • Lakeland Pressure Washing
  • 863 Pressure Washing
  • Tampa Pressure Washing
  • Fort Myers Pressure Washing
  • Miami Pressure Washing
  • Orlando Pressure Washing
  • Florida Pressure Washing
  • Gulf Coast Pressure Washing
  • America’s Pressure Washing

Memorable Names

Memorable Names are easy to remember. People don’t forget them. They’re easy to recall. And you want people thinking your business, not your competition.

Here are some examples of memorable names:

  • Sunny Side Pressure Washing
  • High Tide Pressure Wash, LLC
  • Boardwalk Pressure Washing
  • Surf Side Pressure Wash
  • Pelican Boys Pressure Washing
  • Big Daddy’s Pressure Washing
  • Surf-N-Turf Pressure Washing
  • Arcane Pressure Wash, Inc.
  • Swamp Boy’s Pressure Washing
  • Patriot’s Pressure Washing
  • Champion Pressure Washing, Inc.
  • Hot Shot Pressure Washing
  • Grime Pressure Washers, LLC.
  • Bad Dog Pressure Washing
  • Hurricane Pressure Wash and Sealing
  • Island Power Wash
  • Beach Girls Pressure Washing
  • Bikini Babes Power Washers

Self-Branded Names

Self-Branded Names are named on the premise of a brand promise. They identify a brand by what it represents. For example, Krispy Kreme Donuts® (they promise a crispy donut with cream).

Here are some examples of self-branded names:

  • Quick Clean Pressure Washing
  • Fast Pressure Washing
  • Expert Pressure Cleaning
  • Smart Pressure Washing
  • Really Clean Washers
  • Spotless Home Cleaners
  • No Nonsense Pressure Washers
  • Reliable Pressure Wash, Inc.

Professional Names

Professional Names are not tied to an individual or small business entity. Use professional names are for leverage and scale. They are marketed to attract commercial customers. The name gives the business a competitive advantage.

Here are some examples of self-branded names:

  • A Plus Pressure Washing, Inc.
  • Ace Power Wash
  • Buckeye Power Wash
  • Capital Power Wash
  • High Tide Pressure Works
  • Prestigious Pressure Washing
  • Royal Power Wash
  • Aerus Cleaning Services

Related Industry Names have industry related keywords in the name. For example, Holiday Inn™ has the word holiday, one reason people choose to stay in hotels. Being branded to an industry helps customers identify the business type. Related industry names increase brand loyalty and so customers are more likely to do business with them.

Here are some examples of related-industry names:

  • Rug Cleaning Pressure Wash, Inc. (identifies a specialty service, rug cleaning)
  • Soft Wash Pressure Washing (identifies a service, soft washing)
  • Power Washing Inc. (identifies a service, power washing)
  • High Pressure Washing (industry keywords, high pressure and pressure washing)
  • Concrete Cleaning Power Washing, LLC (identifies a service, concrete cleaning. Industry keyword, Power Washing)
  • Pressure Washing Services, Inc. (industry keyword)
  • Power Wash Professional Services (industry keywords)
  • Top Pressure Washing and Cleaning Service (industry keywords)
  • Best Pressure Washing, Inc. (industry keyword)

How To Pick A Business Name Category

Now that you know the best business name categories its time to select one. (N.B.: It is possible to select more than one business name category.)

Ask meaningful questions to choose a business name category:

  • Will I market my business online? (If yes, select SEO Name)
  • Will I want to scale my business in the future? (If yes, select Professional Name)
  • Do I want a name that’s married to an industry? (If yes, select Related Industry Name)
  • Do I want a name that is truly unique? (If yes, Memorable Name)
  • Do I have a brand promise? (If yes, select Self-Branded Name)
  • Do I offer a benefit customers seek out? (If yes, select Benefit Name)
  • Will I want to operate in a specific location? (If yes, select Locality Name)

10 Tips For Marketing A Pressure Washing Business Name

A pressure washing business name needs marketing services to activate the brand. The name should be descriptive and simple so people know what the company does. It should also be advertised and marketed to let people know about your pressure washing company.

Follow these tips to name and market your new pressure washing business.

#1 Find your business name category

After brainstorming business name ideas find the right business name category for your business. Then combine the words to find the right combination that makes the most sense. For example: clean, pressure, company, and washing could form: Company Clean Pressure Washing, Clean Company Pressure Washing, Company Pressure Washing Clean, Washing Company Pressure Clean, Clean Pressure Washing Company,” etc.

#2 Select a business name you like

A pressure washing business can be named anything that is not trademarked or in violation of any other laws. Choose a name that easily identifies what you do and which resonates with you.

Check to make sure the name you have selected is available and not already registered. Do this by checking with the Secretary of State where your business is located and by doing a thorough internet search to see if the name has been used.

#4 Register your business

To register your business as an LLC (best formation service for a pressure washing company) file Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation with your state government and set up a Registered Agent Service for your business.

#5 Find a domain name

A domain name is your online business address, where your pressure washing website lives. Think of this like a street address, only for your website.

Important Note: Make sure there is domain name availability for your pressure washing business name before permanently choosing the name. You want an exact match domain name, preferably with a .com extension.

#6 Purchase website hosting

Hosting is server space where your website is made available around the world to anyone with an internet connection. You’ll need hosting to ensure your website can be viewed by others online.

#6 Get a website made

Having a professional website for your pressure washing business is important. It should coincide with your brand. A good website is easy to navigate and ensures your customers can get in touch with you. In most instances a website is the first point of contact your customer will have with your business. You want to make a good first impression here.

#7 Get a logo made

Every business needs a brand. A brand is what uniquely sets your business apart from every other pressure washing business. We recommend outsourcing this task to a professional logo design company.

Recommended: We highly endorse Best Logo Service.

#8 Send a press release

A press release lets people know about your new pressure washing business. A press release offers other benefits.

Press Release Benefits:

  • Helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Can be shared on social media
  • Brands your business
  • Tells your story
  • Much more.

Recommended: The best press release distribution company is hands-down Good Press Release. This is the best press release distribution service company that we use. They offer the best price and service in our opinion!

#9 Get reviews

Getting started in a new business is never easy. You need positive online reviews to let people know they can trust you. In the beginning it may be hard. We suggest using a review service that can help you with this.

Recommended: The best review service we know of is Reputation Saviour.

#10 Setup social media

Everyone uses social media to engage with others -and, so should your new pressure washing business. By setting up social media accounts customers can find you easily and engage with you. Remember, people do business with those they know, like, and trust. Without social media, you’re missing out on a lot of engagement.

Recommended: Make your life easier and use the Best Social Media Service.

Final Thoughts: Naming A Pressure Washing Business

Name your pressure washing business a name people will remember. Make sure to pick from one of the naming categories mentioned in this article.

Suggestions for picking pressure washing company names:

  • Shares the main benefit your pressure washing company offers
  • Make sure your name includes search engine friendly keywords
  • Use a location in the name if you plan to operate in a specific locale
  • Pick a name easy to remember
  • Select a professional name to scale your business with
  • Add an industry identifier customers will instantly connect with pressure washing business

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a good name for a pressure washing company?

If you’re looking for a name for your pressure washing business, think about what you do and how it can benefit your customers.

For example, if you specialize in cleaning siding for homes, you might name your company “Siding Pros Pressure Washing.”

How important is it to pick a good name for a pressure washing business?

It is very important to pick a good name for a pressure washing business. A good name can help people remember you and can help potential customers find you more easily.

How do you come up with power washing company names?

We suggest brainstorming a list of words and phrases that you think represent your company and your brand. Try to avoid words that are too generic or have negative connotations.

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