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Pressure Washing Job Leads

Looking for pressure washing job leads is stressful especially for a new pressure washing business. This is probably true of most new businesses. You want customers to impress and certainly have concerns the bills are getting paid.

We empathize because we were new in business too once upon a time. Here’s how you find pressure washing job leads.

What Are Pressure Washing Leads

Pressure washing leads are potential customers who find your pressure washing company online and call to inquire about your pressure washing services.

These potential customers already have some initial attraction to your business and represent your ideal customer. This is where soft skills and selling come in handy.

How to win customers and sell them on your pressure washing services:

  1. Answer the phone in a friendly and welcoming manner
  2. Ask questions and follow up questions to understand your customer’s problem fully
  3. Inquire about what they believe the solution to their problem is (they sell themselves when they say that they need your pressure washing services)
  4. Explain your pressure washing services (detail features/identifiable attributes/unique characteristics, advantages/logical rewards, and benefits/emotional rewards)
  5. Differentiate your pressure washing company from other power washing companies in a positive way
  6. Ask when a pressure washing technician can come out and give them a free quote
  7. Ensure the technician is on time, trained to provide high-quality customer service

Benefits of Pressure Washing Lead Generation

The obvious benefit of pressure washing lead generation is to make money pressure washing other people’s homes, driveways, patios, decks, pool enclosures, and businesses. However, there are other benefits to pressure washing lead generation.

Exclusive pressure washing lead generation benefits:

  • Acquire more pressure washing jobs
  • Competitively compete against other pressure washing companies
  • Inspire pressure washing advertising ideas
  • Create greater brand awareness for your pressure washing business
  • Find interested people and more clients to do business with on a regular basis
  • Improve your sales’ conversion rate
  • Grow your pressure washing business through highly targeted ads to attract new customers
  • Learn about search engine optimization and how to get high rankings on search engines
  • Turn your pressure washing website into a lead generation machine setting up an online form
  • Let go of difficult customers (replacing them with better prospective clients)
  • Master digital marketing to generate more money and success for your business.

Digital Marketing Techniques To Generate Pressure Washing Leads

When it comes to generating pressure washing leads, digital marketing techniques are where smart pressure washing businesses turn. Though door hangers still work, digital marketing makes it so you can deliver more marketing and advertising faster, with more impact.

Online Marketing

Online marketing starts with setting up a website and landing pages where a potential client is directed to enter in their name and contact details. Getting them to the website may take on all sorts of different forms, even using those old faithful door hangers.

Nowadays pressure washing business owner turns to content marketing, social media marketing, having a Google Business Profile (formerly a Google My Business account), online display ads, and a lead generation company to acquire high-quality pressure washing leads.

Online is where pressure-washing advertising ideas have the most impact on a pressure washer service.

Brand Management

Pressure washing companies that brand themselves better attract more exclusive pressure washing clients. Branding starts with coming up with a good business name and creating a brand promise and a logo that fits that promise.

Recommended Reading: Pressure Washing Company Names

Recommended: Get a logo that fits your brand promise using a professional logo company like Best Logo Service.

Content Marketing (Organic SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (Organic SEO) involves writing high-quality content to rank on search engines for generating leads for your pressure washing business. This is why we recommend having your own pressure washing website for lead generation purposes.

On your website, you’ll want a landing page that invites and even incentivizes customers (call it an ethical bribe) to enter their name, email address, and telephone number so you can get in touch with them to sell your pressure washing services.

Recommended Resources:

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms have popped up left and right over the last several years. Probably because people communicate more online than face-to-face these days.

You can keep in touch better, communicate with more people more regularly, and do social media more fittingly around your schedule.

Social media marketing lets a pressure washing company open up to its publics and present itself more transparently. Today’s customers want to feel a sense of connection with companies they choose to do business with. Social media makes this possible.

Recommended: Use a social media agency like Best Social Media Service to manage your social media.

Press Releases

Press releases spread the word about your pressure washing business faster than a California wildfire blazing out of control. You want to make sure and do press releases right to produce the best lead generation results.

Side Note: Press Releases help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help your pressure washing website rank higher on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Recommended: Use a press release distribution service like Good Press Release to generate more leads for your pressure wash business. Good Press Release is a low-cost marketing solution that we’ve discovered that works extremely well for marketing power washing services (window cleaning, gutter cleaning, etc.).

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a great way to attract many leads for your pressure washing business. Facebook positions your ads in front of people looking for your pressure washing services.

Most pressure-washing businesses who use Facebook Ads to acquire high-quality leads appreciate the fact Facebook Ads are trackable. Being able to track and measure the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads campaigns makes it possible to experiment and improve upon your copywriting skills to increase conversion rates.

Excellent Reviews

Excellent reviews lead to more exclusive leads which circle back and create even more positive reviews. The more highly rated online reviews you have, the more high-quality leads you will receive. More leads are always better than no leads.

To get more positive reviews (e.g., Yelp! and Google online reviews) it’s best to work with a company that specializes in reputation management. They companies can help you generate better reviews to get your pressure washing company more customers.

Recommended: We recommend Reputation Saviour for handling and managing your online reviews. They’re inexpensive and offer the best service from our personal experiences using them.

Shared Leads (Lead Generation Company)

Acquiring pressure washing leads on your own can be a full-time job itself. Some pressure washing companies get their pressure washing leads through a lead generation company.

Getting pressure washing leads this way is easier than you might think. All you do is partner up with an SEO company that already owns a pressure washing website in your area and purchase pressure washing leads from them. They manage the site and marketing saving you time and money.

Final Thoughts

To get more pressure washing jobs you need regular pressure washing leads. The best way to get pressure washing leads is to market your business online whereby visitors come to your website, fill out a contact form, leaving you their contact information.

Getting people to your website is the hard part.

But, there are endless options for driving website traffic; namely:

  • Use content marketing and SEO to drive organic search traffic to your website.
  • Engage and promote your business on social media.
  • Send out press releases through a good press release distribution company.
  • Pay for Facebook advertising.
  • Set up review profiles on Google and Yelp! to promote your business this way.

The only question left is: How are you going to get leads for your pressure washing business?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find pressure washing leads?

There are many ways to find pressure washing leads. The most direct method is contacting business owners and homeowners in your area. Many people report much success with Facebook Ads. The best way is to hire an SEO agency like Babble Agency.

How do I get more pressure washing leads?

To get more pressure washing leads, consider placing yard signs in your customer’s yards and handing out marketing postcards to nearby neighbors. These methods are low cost and high return on investment.

How much should I charge for pressure washing?

The best way to figure out what to charge for your pressure washing services is to audit how much other pressure washing companies are charging in your city. Then take the average and add 15%. This way you can still give a 15% discount (senior, student, new customer, etc.) and charge a fair price.

Is pressure washing a profitable business?

Pressure washing can be extremely profitable depending on how well you run the business. The equipment cost is not near as expensive as many other service businesses and the work can be done faster than many other contracted service work. The average pressure washer makes $50,000 per year.

Can you scale a pressure washing business?

Yes. You can scale your pressure washing business by hiring employees and branching out into nearby cities. Once your reputation takes off you can take on many jobs at the same time and just supervise your work teams.

How much money does it take to start a pressure washing business?

The money it takes to start a pressure washing business depends on how much you are willing to spend. You can buy an inexpensive pressure washer like the Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer for around $150. And do small solo jobs.

Or you can purchase a commercial pressure washer with a trailer, pickup truck, and water tank, and end up spending around $50,000.

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