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Lakeland Pressure Washing yard sign

Pressure Washing Yard Signs

Are pressure washing yard signs a good investment and if so, what’s the best strategy for using them? With some trial and error we discovered the best way to use pressure washing yard signs. Following this strategy will bring in the most return on investment (ROI) for your pressure washing business. Here’s the inside scoop.

What Are Pressure Washing Yard Signs?

Pressure washing yard signs are little corrugated plastic signs. They contain the pressure washing business name, logo, and company contact info (phone number and website). Pressure washing services are often listed on the signs as well.

These yard signs are placed in the front yard of satisfied customers facing the street. They serve as a form of advertising for the pressure washing business. Yard signs are also called bandit signs, placards, or lawn signs.

Best Pressure Washing Business Yard Sign Strategy

The best yard sign strategy for a pressure washing service is a long term advertising strategy. You can’t rely on simply accepting that a satisfied customer will keep your sign posted in their yard indefinitely.

A customer will remove your pressure washing yard sign usually after a week or two. Signs are expensive. We’ve discovered a strategy that ensures your pressure washing yard sign stays in the yard of your customer. This way you can make you money indefinitely with your signs. Here’s the strategy.

Sell The Pressure Washing Yard Sign

When quoting a customer for a house washing or some other featured service be sure to add in the cost of the pressure washing yard sign.

If you customer throws your sign away, you’re not really out any money; save for lost business you would have gained from the advertising.

Offer An Annual House Washing Deal

At Lakeland Pressure Washing we offer customers a 5% per month discount. This remains in effect every month a customer leaves one of our sign in their yard. The discount only applies to an annual house cleaning.

Customer who agree to keep our sign in their yard enjoy a huge 60% savings. This applies only to our soft washing a house service. This saves them hundreds of dollars a year and ensures their house stays clean and maintained year after year. And, yes, we do drive by to check on the signs. We also do this to make sure they’re visibly placed in our customer’s yards.

This discount does two things for us:

  1. Guarantees our customers continue forever doing business with us and not with our competition.
  2. Ensures our customers keep advertising our signs in their yards month after month.

Important Note: You don’t have to offer this yard sign promotion to every customer. Just offer to the ones you want (busy streets, populated neighborhoods, nearby locations, etc.). But we have found the yard sign deal keeps customers coming back. So we tend to offer it up to all of our customers.

$10 Monthly Mobile Car Wash Service

At Lakeland Pressure Washing we offer customers keep our signs in their yards a $10 monthly mobile car wash. The average basic car wash runs around $10 – $20 at a car wash. A mobile car wash service will run customers between $30 – $60 for a basic (nothing special/no add-ons) car wash.

Every month that a customer keeps our sign in their yard, we give them a $10 car wash. We do this at their home. This saves them from having to wash their own car or truck. And ensures we have lots of repeat recurring business every month.

Important Note: Not all neighborhoods will allow a yard sign to be placed in a customer’s yard. For example, some HOAs will fine a homeowner who places one of our signs in their yard. Also, those who rent their homes may disqualify for a discount if the landlord prohibits the yard sign being placed.

Side Note: We asked random homeowners if they would could place a sign in their yard. We offered in exchange a $10 monthly mobile car wash. The vast majority agreed to this deal.

Also worth noting: These $10 monthly customers call on us for yearly house cleanings and other pressure washing services.

Bottom Line:

Be creative is the name of the game when it comes to capitalizing off of yard signs. A yard sign is great advertising and when done right is free advertising.

We’ve noticed since implementing a yard sign strategy that our business has drastically increased. The the sheer number of yard signs we have makes it obvious who to call for pressure washing services. It is great advertising!

This single yard sign strategy has allowed us to dominate our competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy super cheap yard signs?

The best place to shop super cheap lawn signs is online. There are several vendors to choose from, including: Vibe Ink, Victory Store, and Signs R’ Us.

Are one color signs the best?

One color signs are best because they cost less to print. They also have proven to be just as effective or more than multi color lawn signs. Realize that a pretty sign doesn’t necessarily get you better results.

If a sign maintains your image and brand with artwork, images and pictures that’s what most people prefer. Make sure signs can be printed on demand while offering good services and a fast checkout experience.

What are the laws about putting up signs?

Every jurisdiction is different and has its own laws and ordinances. That is, these laws decide when, if, and where you can place a lawn sign.

What is the best place to place a bandit sign?

The best place to place a bandit sign is at an intersection where traffic stops. Make sure there is heavy foot traffic. This ensure people stop and see your sign. Also, people will have time to write down your information. Some may even call you while stopped in traffic or when passing by.

Are bandit signs for cars?

Bandit signs are lawn signs placed in people’s yards. The magnetic signs placed on vehicles are of a different material, style, and design, and the price is usually more. And more to ship. We recommend Patriot Wholesale Direct for magnetic car signs, as it is who we use.

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