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When it comes to pressure washing Lakeland no pressure washing job is too small. No pressure washing job is too big. And every one of our Lakeland FL pressure washing jobs is treated like if it were us pressure washing our own home or business. We’d want it to look the best!

Fair Pricing

Lakeland Pressure Washing offers fair pricing. Call us for a free estimate and we’ll prove it! Here’s the PayPal phone number, because we even take PayPal!

You see…

We want to win your business for life! Our goal is to earn your referrals and your 5-star reviews!

Lakeland Pressure Washing Offers:

  • The Best Pressure Washing in Lakeland
  • Very Reasonable Price For All Our Services
  • Free estimates
  • New Customer Discounts
  • Senior Citizen Discounts
  • Military Discounts
  • Multi-Job Discounts
  • Regular Customer Rates
  • Low Hourly Pressure Washing Rates
  • Fixed Price quotes
  • Low Square Foot Pressure Washing Rates
  • A Very Reasonable Price For All Our Services
  • Great Job Guarantee Or Next One Free Promise (Terms and Conditions Apply!)

Professional Pressure Washing Equipment

At Lakeland Pressure Washing we use professional equipment. This applies to cleaning exterior surfaces (e.g., when doing exterior cleaning jobs) like paver cleaning, sealing pavers, cleaning your pool deck, driveway pressure washing, pool cage pressure washing, getting rid of rust stains on your concrete driveway, for sealing services, and for all other outdoor Lakeland pressure washing services you need.

Pressure Washing Lakeland FL And Central Florida

Pressure washing Lakeland FL and surrounding areas is what we do everyday. But we cover most of Central Florida.

Recent areas and jobs we’ve worked:

  • Pressure Washing, Tampa FL (7 Commercial Properties and Parking Lot Pressure Washing)
  • Roof Washing, Lakeland FL (Hired Also to Soft Wash Home and Sealing Services)
  • Pressure Washing, Lakeland FL (Pressure Wash A Rug)
  • Pressure Washing, St. Petersburg FL (Also Pressure Washing in Lakeland)
  • Paver Sealing, Lakeland FL (Also Rust Stain Removal on Driveway)
  • Pressure Washing, Lakeland FL (Pressure Washed Pool Cage)
  • Driveway Cleaning, Lakeland FL (Power Washer on Driveway)
  • Soft Washing, Lakeland FL (House Pressure Washed)
  • Pressure Washing, Winter Haven FL (Awesome Job Power Washing Driveway)
  • Paver Sealing, Lakeland FL (Also Paver Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning)
  • Pressure Washing, Zephyrhills FL (Thanks Billy for the tip!)
  • Pressure Washing, Plant City FL (Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washer Services)
  • Paver Sealing, Plant City FL (Also Paver Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning)
  • Pressure Washing, Plant City FL (Soft Wash Commercial Building and Professional Pressure Washer Services)
  • Roof Washing, Plant City FL (Also Seal Pavers and Good Cleaning on Home)
  • Soft Washing, Plant City FL (Pressure House Washing)
  • Driveway Cleaning, Lakeland FL (Pressure Clean and Power Wash)
  • Deck Cleaning, Lakeland FL (Professional Job, It Saved Customer Costly Repairs)
  • Pool Cleaning, Lakeland FL (Swimming Pool and Pool Enclosure)
  • Pressure Washing, Port Richey FL (several commercial properties)

Pressure Washing In Lakeland

Our name is Lakeland Pressure Washing and Lakeland is where it all started for us many years ago. And though we’re doing a lot more jobs outside of Lakeland, we still offer the best pressure washing in Lakeland.

More Lakeland FL Pressure Washing Jobs include:

  • Power Washing Commercial Buildings
  • Pressure Washing Store Fronts
  • Sealing Services
  • Soft Wash Services
  • Pressure Washing
  • Power Washing
  • House Washing
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Pressure Wash Fence
  • Several More Fence Pressure Washing Jobs
  • Several Deck Pressure Washing Jobs
  • Pressure Washing Pool Enclosure
  • And More!

Exciting News: We also have several future projects lined up in Lakeland, Florida because of our reasonable prices, free cost estimates (YES! We offer FREE estimates), our add on service specials (that save you money), a low cost square foot pressure washing rate and pressure washing hourly rates, the timely manner that we serve you in, and because of our excellent customer service.

Pressure Washing Tampa FL

Lakeland Pressure Washing has spent a lot of time pressure washing Tampa FL. We know Tampa and the Tampa Bay area quite well. At Lakeland we pressure wash commercial parking lots, do a lot of power washing jobs, and lots of house washing.

We will clean your pool deck, remove rust stains from your driveway, pressure wash your patio, soft wash your roof, we do paver cleaning and washing services of all types. If you need commercial pressure washing or residential pressure washing call on Lakeland Pressure Washing for all your pressure washing needs.

Pressure Washing Port Richey FL

We’ve spent so much time Pressure Washing Port Richey FL that we now have an office here.

As you can see we pride ourselves in our pressure washing services and know FL power washing like the back of our hand.

We want to do a fantastic job pressure washing Florida to help keep the Sunshine State sunny, bright, and the paradise we love! Call on us Port Richey for all your power washing needs.

Pressure Washing Plant City FL

Pressure washing Plant City FL is close to home. We have done a lot of pressure washing jobs in Plant City FL. At Lakeland we do a lot of exterior cleaning in Plant City and we’re a main pressure washing company operating there.

Common Lakeland Pressure Washing Services:

  • Power wash exterior of your home or business
  • Deep clean your patio furniture
  • Power wash driveway or sidewalk for you
  • Wall washing
  • Remove rust stains from vinyl siding
  • Pressure washing roof tiles

Pressure Washing Winter Haven FL

It has been great pressure washing Winter Haven FL all these years. Like Plant City and Zephyrhills we do a great job keeping the city clean and pristine. Call us for a free estimate!

Pressure Washing Zephyrhills FL

We Love Pressure Washing Zephyrhills FL! A lot of the work we do in Zephyrhills FL is residential pressure washing work. Our residential pressure washing services involve exterior cleaning of homes.

We do fence pressure washing and driveway pressure washing. At Lakeland Pressure Washing we also do a lot of commercial power washing. We clean construction sites, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and dock pressure washing and warehouse pressure washing.

Most Common Zephyrhills Pressure Washing Services:

  • Power wash exterior of your home or business
  • Deep clean your patio furniture
  • Power wash driveway or sidewalk for you
  • Wall washing
  • Remove rust stains from vinyl siding
  • Pressure washing roof tiles

Soft Wash Pressure Washing

At Lakeland Pressure Washing we do soft wash pressure washing. We have a certified pressure cleaning and proprietary soft wash system that we apply when cleaning your roof or or exterior siding of your house. Like all our pressure washing services our soft wash pressure washing is done in a safe and professional manner.

Recommended: Check out our article on How to Soft Wash a House and the one on How to Soft Wash a Roof. You’ll quickly learn why we recommend soft washing your house, roof, and if you have them — Your solar panels.

Lakeland Pressure Washing is certified in soft wash house washing and soft wash roof cleaning. If you need a thorough gentle clean

Imagine pulling into your driveway and smiling at the curb appeal, knowing your home looks better than the other houses on your street. You will appreciate our soft washing and the excellent job our crew does. They do an absolutely wonderful job, it’s hard not to brag on them!

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We handle all types of cleaning. Residential. Commercial. Custom. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help, serving Lakeland and surrounding cities for over 15 years now.

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We specialize in both heavy-duty pressure washing and light-duty pressure washing. We are Lakeland Florida’s best pressure washing service firm.

Lakeland Pressure Cleaning Service Areas

At Lakeland Pressure Washing we cover a wide service area, from our home base in Lakeland all the way out to Tampa and St. Pete.
Call us though because we work all over Florida!


Lakeland is our home and it's our job to keep it clean!


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Our Happy FL Pressure Washing Clients

Miranda Snyder

Excellent job pressure washing! Lakeland Pressure Washing always impresses. Our walkways are perfect!

Nick Harrison

I didn't think this brickwall would every look so nice. Lakeland Pressure Washing made it look brand new. Because of this we upped the rents and our tenants are happy to pay us more.

Debra Reyes

Our spanish roof top was a mess. Dangerous black mold, decay, but after calling Lakeland Pressure Washing it now it looks better than it did when we had it installed. No kidding!

Kassandra Dutts

Our family bought a dated landromat that was in desperate need of a facelift. We called Lakeland Pressure Washing and they made the place look brand new. We have more customers and business is ten times better than when the old owners had possession. Best investment of 2021!

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